Career Development – IRVINE, CA: 2015-2021
Software Engineer (Front End & WordPress) is a fast paced digital ad provider. We build, manage and maintain a network of advertisers and publishers that serve massive amounts of digital Ads every hour.

  • Assisted with project management
  • React site development for internal users and Advertiser/Publishers in the ad network
  • Maintain & extend our Ad Widget UI elements using HTML, CSS, & vanilla JavaScript to layout & animate our ad display containers
  • Develop & maintain our easy to use WordPress Plugin
  • Maintain several high traffic WordPress sites for our partners and clients including the Marketing site at

Front End Web Developer

I worked on custom builds of the and sites for Experian’s corporate clients. These custom builds are used to provide a vast array of credit report data and monitoring services to end users through their robust web services.

  • I utilized tools such as Visual Studio with the GIT version control system, and the Tridion CMS among others.
  • Web Accessibility Expert for one of Experian’s biggest clients, Wells Fargo
  • Bootstrap Expert for an intensive 3 month build of USAA’s angular Credit Check products

SupremeSoft, TCG Software Services, YAMAHA- BUENA PARK, CA 2009 – 2012
Content Producer

My primary duties include:

  • HTML and CSS expert to prepare feature web sites and to aid in the redesign and migration of Yamaha Corporation of America web site.
  • Manage and respond to day to day site maintenance tasks for Yamaha Music and Electronics corporations.
  • Prepare product and feature web site updates to send to the Content Production team in India; review and correct their finished work.
  • Optimize web site designs provided by Graphic Artists for IE 6-9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (PC & Mac versions).
  • Incorporate iOS friendly alternative content using Flash & HTML5 for video.
  • Communicate directly with clients to clarify questions and respond directly to time sensitive product and feature site issues.

e:DESIGN, INC. – FRESNO, CA: 2007 – 2009
Web Architect

I worked in a tight knit team consisting of designers, programmers and sales people. Our team designed and developed print and web projects for education, business and non-profit organizations both local to the Fresno area and across the US.

  • Focused on the use of content management systems including Joomla, Magento, X-Cart, and SlideShow Pro to create attractive interactive experiences.
  • Utilized CSS, HTML and JavaScript (focused on jQuery) to achieve complex visual design goals and incorporate them into online applications (example: Summeripe)
  • Utilized screen sharing software to train clients on the use and management of their new web sites
  • Assisted with the debugging, maintenance and continued development of existing online applications in PHP/MySQL

NETPAS, INC. – FRESNO, CA: 2005 – 2007
Web Designer

Sole web designer for company and customer web development. Worked extensively on the internal Customer Management System written in ASP/SQL. Worked with clients directly and through the sales staff to develop their business web sites.

  • Customized existing ASP/SQL intranet including case management, customer management, and reporting modules
  • Designed numerous web sites for local businesses including non-profit, higher education, and small business
  • Worked with customers directly and over the phone to manage and maintain their web sites on a regular basis
  • Developed a print marketing campaign along with sales staff including concept design and graphic design of documents and mailers


Managed full service web design and maintenance service, providing services to non-profit, higher education and small business. Managed consultants and made strategic decisions on the financial health of the business.

  • Founded and grew the web design business whose mission was to provide exceptional design to non-profit and education organizations at an affordable price
  • Consulted extensively on small business web sites, suggesting or facilitating changes to their existing sites, as well as building new sites for their businesses
  • Worked extensively with Fresno State and on projects that directly affected the student’s experience, including a PHP/MySQL phone directory and class requirements site
  • Worked extensively on Fresno State’s “Clean Up The Web” standards manual and design templates
  • Performed sales, design, marketing, and business development for all customers

FRESNO STATE – FRESNO, CA: 2001 – 2004
Assistant Web Manager

Performed management and maintenance tasks integral to the ongoing function of the university’s web presence. Managed email communications coming through the university’s top pages and dynamically redirected inquires to the proper department or organization.

  • Assisted in the formation of the Web Manager Office shortly following it’s inception
  • Continued to design and maintain sites for the university following the formation of Lucero Web Design
  • Trained students, faculty, and administrative webmasters on university policy and use of university templates and design
  • Assisted with and contributed to major graphic and web design publications related to graphic design standards for the web
  • Designed and maintained major university web sites including The University Journal, Phone Directory and web site index (PHP/MySQL), Class Schedule General Information site
  • Assisted in the maintenance of  Fresno State News and the university home and top pages